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History in Music- “Nebraska”-Bruce Springsteen. Bruce Springsteen’s release of the album ‘Nebraska” in 1982 startled many of his followers. It was far from the rock and roll they expected from The Boss-instead what they got was a stark, dark and moody album that he recorded without the E-Street Band and without anyone else. It was originally just a tape of demos meant to be an album with the E-Street Band but he decided to release it was it was- a wise decision. One of this best albums -he has recorded a couple similar albums since but while they are good albums- lack that extra something that Nebraska seems to have.

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The first track on the Nebraska album is the title track. It is a first person narrative of mass murderer Charles Starkweather who went on a rampage killing 11 people over an 8 day period in Nebraska and…

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Paul Haider

I am proud to be an expatriate who escaped Trump's America filled with the White trash Trumpsters from dumpsters. I feel the Bern for my favourite Jewish socialist who isn't Jesus Christ. Obviously, I am a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen too.


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