The Day I Finally Understood Bruce Springsteen

Blogging In The Street

Dear tramps,

It’s actually been a long time since I last shared my views and feelings here and it’s all because the past year has been quite of a turbulent one. It’s probably the year I have learned the most about life, people and myself. And of course, has been a year of reconnection and constant dialogue with Bruce.

There have been many nights lying in bed at night where I would just put my earphones and put a Bruce song; no matter which, I just needed to hear his voice, his stories… I needed to be put in the skin of those characters and for at least one tinny minute be allowed to pause my life and live inside another one.


It has been in those nights of sorrow where I have most understood Bruce. Until this point, for me, Bruce was a mentor, a friend to rely upon…

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This one is for you, Vic

Blogging In The Street

This one is for him. Our belived friend, our dear work-rockaholic, our sweet cameraman. This one is for you, Vic. Lost but never forgotten.

On days like this, darkness and sorrow flood our lives. All of a sudden everything is converted into a dark hole where nothing really makes sense. I was not expecting to wake up today to that text message.

Life is a fareful thing and he dare it to live it. He was one of the biggest persons I have ever known. Always cheerful, always down to have a great time. He was always ready with his camera to immortalize every moment. His passion for life was contageoud, his love was outrageous.

When I met him for the first time I was 15 years old. He appeared to me as the living image of rock and roll to me. He had a crumbled voice, grey hair and…

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